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Wills and Estates

Business people often have complex structures including companies and trusts. These structures must be carefully  considered when planning an estate and drafting a will.  Complex structures that may have been very tax effective at one time, need special consideration when planning an estate.  As society has changed families arrangements have also become more complicated.  Achieving a fair outcome requires careful thought.

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Commercial Litigation

Business people should always aim to avoid litigation.  Nevertheless, business dealings sometimes result in litigation. We are able to brief any barrister in Queensland including Senior Queens Counsel.

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We offer first consultation free, when the subject matter of the dispute exceeds $50,000.

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Most of the property conveyancing work that we do relates to the commercial deals in which our clients are involved.

If you have a transaction that is unusual, difficult or you want to work with a firm of lawyers who will take time to ensure that your transaction is properly handled by a knowledgeable professional then please contact us.


Our lawyers have been drafting and reviewing franchise agreement for 20 years.  Franchising is a complex area of law.

Successful franchising always starts with sound expert advice.   Both franchisees and franchisors should be very wary of  anyone providing advice in this area that does not have appropriate experience.

Careful planning over an extended period should occur before any investment in the franchising process is made.

Commercial Leasing

Queensland landlords do not use a standard form lease.   Each Queensland Law Firm and therefore each landlord is likely to use a lease that is unique.  Of course there are common elements to most leases.

We ensure that a qualified lawyer always reads the whole lease before providing advice to a tenant. Our fees to review leases are fixed at $1500 plus GST

When acting for a Landlord our aim is to ensure that the lease is part of a fair and mutually beneficial arrangement for Landlord and business owner.

We offer landlords fixed fees when preparing leases.