We can provide fixed fee quotes for all lease preparation work. Our standard fees are shown under fixed fees in the main menu above.

Lease preparation

We can provide a full legal service for landlords wishing to lease their building or premises.


We also provide a budget service that may be appropriate.


We run an email service for landlords who wish to prepare a commercial lease at a discount rate.  This service does not extend to Retail Shop Leases and does not include negotiation of changes to the submitted document.


Please note – If engagement is not commenced with the attached form then unfortunately the discount is not available.  All communication is via email.  If telephone or personal contact is required the discount is removed.


The service is limited to the production of a lease for a landlord client to use on one occasion based upon the instructions provided.


When we have received the form we will provide you with a quote and a discount of $200 from our set fee of $1600 plus GST.


Please email the form to  The completion of the form does not oblige you to use our service.


When we have received your instructions we will contact you by email to confirm our fixed fee service and let you know what is included.

Download the form:

Or send the form to your email:

    Commencement of Engagement Lease Instructions


    Name of Landlord  (insert full name as per title)
    Name of tenant  (insert full name)
    Description of Property (from title deed)
    Street Address of the Property
    Approximate Age of Building years
    Are there other premises/business in the same building?   Yes/No How many other premises in the building?
    Name of Tenants Solicitors
    Phone Number of Tenants Solicitors
    Email of Tenants Solicitors
    Is this property part of a community titles scheme (body corporate)     Yes    No
    Lease Commencement Date
    Lease Expiry Date
    Rental for first year of lease (in dollars)
    Review Type


    Fixed Percentage increase

    Yes /No

    Percentage Amount



    Date of increase


    Date of increase



    Set Rental for each year

    Yes /No

    Amount of rental Date of increase








    Extended Term    yes/no Length of any extended term
    Further Extended Term    yes/no Length of any further extended term
    Permitted Use (What kind of business can the tenant operate?)
    Are outgoings payable?   Yes/No
    Bank Guarantee Required  Yes/No  $
    Is a personal guarantee required   Yes/No Full Name of Guarantor



    Who must maintain the airconditioner?    Landlord or Tenant?
    Will the landlord undertake any works for the tenant?   Yes/No
    Does the tenant intend to undertake any works?    Yes?No
    Is any carpark offered? Please provide details