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Assume firstly that the hypothetical Franchise System is a properly run Franchise System. Of course this is not always the case. In this hypothetical system, what then are the primary risks to success? It should be expected that the reasons for failure in small business are in many cases the same as the reasons for failure of a Franchisee within a franchise system. The failure rate for franchised businesses  is perhaps less than for private small business as a whole because while some applicants would not be accepted by any competent franchisor, there is no restriction on any punter starting a business. It must be accepted that some people are not suited to owning a business. What however are the most common reasons for failure within a franchise system. I recently followed a panel of advisors who considered these to be the primary causes of failure:

It is important to know if your lease is classified as a retail shop lease as there are advantages for this kind of tenant. In order to determine if your lease is a retail shop lease see please follow this link. RSL

The Retail Shop Lease Act provides for a number of instances where a landlord will be required to pay compensation to a Tenant such as where the landlord:
1.         Relocates the Tenant’s business to an alternative premises;
2.         Significantly disrupts trading to the Tenant’s business;
3.         Neglects the landlords responsibilities to clean maintain and repair the building;
4.         Causes the Tenant to enter the Lease as a result of false or misleading statements or representations;
5.         Fails to issue disclosure or issues disclosure that is defective.