What We Do

We are lawyers for business.


Buying or Selling a Business

We have been buying and selling businesses for our clients for nearly 20 years, so you’re in good hands.

Our fees are fixed with the scope of your job.  If you are ready you can obtain your quote here.

You don’t even need to meet with us, to have a draft contract prepared.  You can do this using the smart form below.  By the time you make your appointment we will understand your transaction and have most of what we need, to help you get the job done.  That’s smart! And it will save you time and money.

Wills and Estates

Making a will can be a simple matter but overall wills are becoming more complex. Business people often have more to think about as they must deal with structures such as companies and trusts that were set up to assist in business. Even if you are not involved in business, families have become more complicated as achieving a fair outcome for everyone can be difficult in the modern family. We can help you talk it through.

Commercial Litigation

Our aim is for our clients is to avoid litigation. The primary focus of our firm is commercial transactions. Nevertheless commercial transactions sometimes result in litigation. We are able to brief any barrister in Queensland and we have briefed some of Queensland’s best Barristers including Senior Queens Counsel.


Most of the property conveyancing work that we do relates to the commercial deals in which we are involved. Our conveyancing practice was once one of the largest on the Sunshine Coast but we have not promoted this service in recent years. There are many cut price conveyancers on the Sunshine Coast that are happy to deliver a no frills service and we can assist you to find one of the best if that is the kind of service you require. If however you have a transaction that is unusual, difficult or you want to work with a firm of lawyers who will take time with you and care about the result call us.


Our lawyers have read many, many, franchise agreements and have also written them. We have set them up. We have wound them down. We have sold them for clients and we have bought them. We know the franchising code of conduct back to front and inside out If you are a franchisee, know that we take the job of reviewing the franchise agreement very seriously. There is a lot to consider when purchasing a franchise and we will ensure that you know what you are getting into. If you are an intending franchisor then you should already know that it is a big job. There is a lot to do and think about before you get legal advice but when you are ready we can make the legal side work for you.

Commercial Leasing

Leasing involves risk. Leases very wordy documents often 40 pages or more. There is no standard form of lease that everyone uses. If you are a landlord you should know that we prepare leases that are reasonable and which your tenant should be agreeable to. If you are a tenant you should know that we take the job of reviewing your lease very seriously. A lawyer always reads the whole document before providing advice. Our fees to review leases are fixed at $1500 plus GST